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WARMEDS dedicate itself to providing only World’s Best Sports Performance Products to allow the most ambitious people to achieve their health and fitness dreams. With respect to that mission, wishes to motivate and reward each and everyone of you who dedicated to become a better version of himself or herself. This is why we have decided to associate ourselves with and reward individuals who have demonstrated their will and accomplished feats worth praising for - and because, like you, these individuals have to face new challenges everyday, we call them the "WARMEDS Warriors".

The present section is intended to promote these individuals as well as their accomplishments in order to provide athletes and trainers inspiring and informational resources.

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Alison Eastham “The Amazon”

Alison Eastham
“The Amazon”

Alison is a pure combination of beauty and beast. Her delicate facial feature contrast her extreme determination and ability to develop quality muscles. After shining in multiple fitness competitions, this Lifetime Drug Free athlete decided to focus on helping others to also reach their dreams by providing them nutritional and training coaching.

sport Fitness Figure Titles
age 26 2nd Place State Championship
height 5f4
weight 125 lbs  
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Alison Eastham “The Amazon”

Alison Eastham “The Amazon”
I was born in New Zealand and had the opportunity to travel around the World and explore multiple regions as well as discover multiple industries. In the process, I cultivated two complementary passions - cooking, and fitness. My perfectionist and audacious nature urged me to study and practice in those two discipline and become a chef cook with nutritional expertise, as well as an awarded competitive athlete and fitness instructor University graduate. Today, I enjoy helping others by acting as a chiropractic assistant and by instructing fitness classes. My goal is to positively impact as many...
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Everyone knows the critical importance of nutrition for sports performance. Also, countless studies have demonstrated the potential benefits of proper supplementation.

There are thousands of dietary supplement companies providing the same thing proper nutrition can offer – macronutrients. Unfortunately, there are much fewer companies delivering formulations based on proven medicinal ingredients (compounds with a targ eted physiological effect). 

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