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You are the warrior

WARMEDS dedicate itself to providing only World’s Best Sports Performance Products to allow the most ambitious people to achieve their health and fitness dreams. With respect to that mission, wishes to motivate and reward each and everyone of you who dedicated to become a better version of himself or herself. This is why we have decided to associate ourselves with and reward individuals who have demonstrated their will and accomplished feats worth praising for - and because, like you, these individuals have to face new challenges everyday, we call them the "WARMEDS Warriors".

The present section is intended to promote these individuals as well as their accomplishments in order to provide athletes and trainers inspiring and informational resources.

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Veronique Allard

Veronique is an absolute fan of everything that is beautiful. From fitness to aesthetics and cosmetics, Veronique leaves nothing to luck. She plans every detail of her quest for greatness like an engineer would craft space shuttle. No wonder that she looks like a shining star!.

sport Fitness Modeling Credentials
age 20 Fitness Magazine Feature
height 5f3  
weight 95 lbs  
Next challenge Fitness Magazine Cover

Pierre Simon Gagnon

Simply put, Pierre is a 7 foot strong man compressed in a 5’6” frame. This firefighter can not only run a marathon at a competitive speed, but he also has benched press more than 450 lbs at a bodyweight of only 155 lbs, torn phone books with his bear hands and done 30+ vertical push ups standing on only his fingers.

sport Powerlifting Credentials
age 34 3x Bodyweight Bench Press Recordman
height 5f5  
weight 155 lbs  
Next challenge National Bench Press Record

Michael Tello
“Caramilk Man”

Michael is the complete harmony between sheer muscle mass, diamond cuts and hypnotizing aesthetics. One thing that keeps surprising judges, is his ability to constantly improve and always nail his condition. He’s now just a few heartbeat away from earning his IFBB Pro Card, and doesn’t intend rest until it happens.

sport Mens Fitness Credentials
age 30 1st Place State Championship
height 6f  
weight 205 lbs  
Next challenge Nationals 2017

Maxime Lepage

Max is an adept of strong sensations. He likes to live fast and dangerously! This explains after 5 months of retirement from training, he returned and decided to put 550 lbs on his first set of squat - And he cracked multiple repetitions! Adept of tattoos and muscle cars, Max likes to accomplish what other fears and to challenge the ideology of ...

sport Bodybuilding Credentials
age 34 2007 PG Cup, 1st Place & Best Poser Award
height 5f9 State Open Championship (3rd and Place 2008 & 2nd Place in 2011)
weight 215 lbs Vice Champion State Championship 2009 & 2011
Next challenge 226 lbs as 2018 State and National Championships

Marc-André Provost
“Mind Freak”

Marc-André never gets enough challenge. When he’s not aiming at becoming the martial arts champion or the all star player of his football league, he’s fighting to beat lifting records or dieting to earn fitness titles. At only 21 year of age, he already has an impressive record of athletic wins. The ethic of this Lifetime Drug Free champion is such that it is ...

sport Bodybuilding Credentials
age 21 Junior State Champion
height 5f9  
weight 175 lbs  
Next challenge Nationals & World Qualifiers 2018

Kim Ly Nguyen

Kim Ly Nguyen transformed her body from muscle free to muscle freak and climbed from untrained to a national fitness champion contender in less than 20 weeks from the first time she stepped in a gym. Her ability to build muscles and shed fat at will is unheard of. After a semi-retirement, Kim is back at the gym, this time with ...

sport Fitness Bikini Credentials
age 24 National Competitor
height 5f6 3rd Place in State Championship
weight 118 lbs Regional Winner
Next challenge Nationals & World Qualifiers 2018

Joel Charles

Joel is simply unbelievable. This Lifetime Natural Bodybuilder has literally destroyed all of his competition at virtually all of his competitions. The impressiveness of his physique is only matched by the intensity of his workout. Joel literally trains 6 days per week, 3 hours each time, all in superset with virtually no rest time between sets. A typical superset ...

sport Bodybuilding Credentials
age 34 2nd Place Nationals
height 5f9 1st Place State Championship
weight 200 lbs
Next challenge World Qualifiers 2018

Jean-Michel Bolivar
“Nick Name”

Like the World Famous George St-Pierre, Jean-Michel Bolivar is a talented and extremely powerful fighter that has an unbelievable ability to control his emotion and dominate his fights like a chess champion. His Professional Debut begun by a streak of wins by K.O., and you can rest assured that you will hear of him very soon.

sport Professional Boxing Credentials
age 22 100% victories in Professional fights by K.O.
height 5f9  
weight 160 lbs
Next challenge Title fight

James-Kenny P-L
“J&K Warrior”

James Kenny is the Tony Stark of Mens Physique. His ability to dissect the sport and transform his body at will is second to none. Lifetime Drug Free Athlete, James rapidely developed an impressive physique allowing him to consecutively win regional and provincial titles within his 4 first years of training. He then went on to earn the 2nd position at a world event as ...

sport Mens Physique Credentials
age 35 IFBB World Qualifier 2nd Men's Physique 2015/2016
height 6f  
weight 210 lbs
Next challenge IFBB World Qualifier 2018

Hicham El gueddari

They call him Mr. Shred! When he is on stage, the skin of this Lifetime Natural Bodybuilding and Classic Physique State Champion is thinner than a sheet of paper, and you can literally see thousands of cuts in his lats and lower back.

sport Classic Physique Credentials
age 27 State Championship Winner
height 5f9  
weight 175 lbs
Next challenge Nationals & World Qualifiers 2018

Frederique Emmanuel
“The Canon”

In all our Bodybuilding and fitness experience, never have we seen anyone put on size as quickly as Frederic. Lately, he literally grew his arms from 21 to 23 and his legs from 26 to 29 inches circumference within 7 weeks - ALL naturally. Despite having seen a few other monsters weighing over 250 lbs, we had to see Frederic grow in front of our own eyes to believe...

sport Bodybuilding Credentials
age XX National Record
685 lbs Deadlift
height 5f10 MuscleMania Pro
National Champion
2nd Place World Championships
weight 220 lbs
Next challenge State Natural Bodyduilding Championship

Fred Chevry
“The Razor”

A few years ago, Fred underwent a dramatic physique transformation which inspired thousands around the globe. His fine curves and razor cuts earned him the MuscleMania Professional as well as the World Vice Champion Titles. Fitness is Fred’s way to express his artistic nature. He’s all about precision, detail and aesthetics.

sport Fitness Modeling Credentials
age 30 National Record
685 lbs Deadlift
height 5f7 MuscleMania Pro
National Champion
2nd Place World Championships
weight 175 lbs
Next challenge Fitness Modeling and Acting Career in Florida

Alison Eastham
“The Amazon”

Alison is a pure combination of beauty and beast. Her delicate facial feature contrast her extreme determination and ability to develop quality muscles. After shining in multiple fitness competitions, this Lifetime Drug Free athlete decided to focus on helping others to also reach their dreams by providing them nutritional and training coaching.

sport Fitness Figure Titles
age 26 2nd Place State Championship
height 5f4
weight 125 lbs  
Next challenge Build a Fitness Related Business

Sebastien Roy

During the first third of my life, I developed a discipline second to none through the practice of martial arts. I then learned to ignore the feelings of exhaustion and pain while digging further in the focus zone. This allowed me to obtain the rank of First kyū in Judo and Black Belt in Olympic Taekwondo as well as gaining earning multiple times the State Champion Title.

sport Triathlon Titles
age 43 Ironman Silver AWA 2016
  (Top 5% Ironman athletes)
height 5f7
weight 155 lbs  
Next challenge Ironman 70.3 Mont-Tremblant

Fabien Bellanger

With his Herculean strength despite the fact that he only weight 220 lbs, it is only a matter of time before Fabien features all major fitness magazines. Being a Lifetime Drug Free Athlete, Fabien already made a tremendous sensation by impressing attendees and judges alike by winning the Toronto Pro Show strongman competition. At only 24 years of age, he currently owns the national record for deadlift for his weight....

sport Strongman Credentials
age 24

National Record 685 lbs Deadlift

height 6f2  
weight 215 lbs
Next challenge 700 lbs deadlifts & National Strongman Championship

Marco Viviani
“The King”

Marco is just a freak of nature! His hands are the size of a bear paw, and his forarms are almost 20 inches - yeah, his FORARMS! His size is simply jaw dropping. At 16 years of age, he was already way over 200 lbs without any bodyfat, and at 24, he was already competing at the NPC national level. After 20 years of retirement, he came back with a vengence. Now 50 years old, Marco still maintain a 300+ lbs...    

sport bodybuilding Credentials
age 50 3rd Place NPC
height 6’0” 3rd Place CBBF
weight 315 lbs Bodybuilding Legend
Next challenge Nationals 2017

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