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Superior technology

WarMeds, the Only Company Delivering What You Pay For

WARMEDS, the Only Company Delivering What You Pay For

Let's simplify things…

  1. You pay for and consume active ingredients
  2. You expect those to deliver results

Let’s see what’s really happening when you ingest dietary supplements.

First, let’s represent the human body as a donut, where the hole in the donut represents the digestive lumen - the same way an object placed in the donut hole is not "in" the donut per say, anything ingested is not "in" the body until it crosses the intestinal epithelium (skin).

Whether it is in the form of food or supplementation, all you ingest has to be digested (split) into microscopical nutrients (macronutrients, micronutrients, or phytochemical) to be absorbed in the intestine.

The gut is a very harsh environment, and many compounds entering the mouth end up pulverized by acid and enzymes before they reach the intestine.

Superior technology

WarMeds, the Only Company Delivering What You Pay For


While the intestinal epithelium has special transporters responsible for absorption of sugars (directly ingested or resulting from the digestion of starches), amino acids (molecules resulting from the digestion of proteins), fatty acids (resulting from emulsion and digestion of dietary fats), and even vitamins, such transporters do not exist to facilitate absorption of phytochemicals (which represent the vast majority of physiological effective compounds nature has to offer). Worst, most of those phytochemicals are hydrophobic and are repelled whenever they approach the partially electrically charged surface of the intestine membrane, making their absorption nearly impossible.

Also, the little amount of phytochemicals that successfully crosses the intestine still has to go through the liver where it will powerfully be attacked and metabolized (shattered into totally useless metabolites) by an army of enzymes.

Lastly, should there be a few lonely molecules surviving this attack, these will arrive late in the race (absorption much delayed compared to sublingual delivery which is nearly instantaneous), and most of them will be heavily metabolized by other peripheral enzymes.

Superior technology

WarMeds, the Only Company Delivering What You Pay For

This is why phytochemicals such as forskolin and ginsenosides have near zero (0.01%) bioavailability when orally ingested. To illustrate this, imagine you purchase a dietary supplement dosing 10mg of such a compound, approximately only 0.001mg (or 600 times less than the weight of a hair) of the compound gets into your bloodstream, not mentioning the fact that very little of this will ever reach the intended destination - the trained muscle.

Could dosing more be the solution? Definitely not, because oral absorption and metabolism of any compound is greatly variable and because the massive dosage required to reach the desired physiological effect would be tremendously expensive, impractical and liver toxic (imagine having to dose 70kg of an extract such as forskolin to be able to absorb 10mg of it?!).

Simply put, your muscle will get, if any, much much less than the effective dose (dose at which a physiological effect can be observed).

In a nutshell, oral administration of native phytochemical don’t work at ALL!

Then why virtually all dietary supplement manufacturer still formulate oral products by simply blending native phytochemicals? Because they simply don’t have the know how to do better, and, sadly, because consumers still by the dream they sell and never deliver!

Is there a way to effectively deliver and benefit from proven phytochemicals? YES.

Superior technology

WarMeds, the Only Company Delivering What You Pay For

First, degradation by gut enzymes has to be avoided, either by enteric coating (using microscopic beads) the ingredient, or simply by avoiding oral administration all together.

Second, absorption has to be maximized by encapsulating the active in a carrier. Liposomes are considered the most effective carriers, and desiccated liposomes are the most stable and effective type of liposomes. What are liposomes?

Liposome are spherical vesicle having at least one lipid bilayer and should not be confused with micelles such as formed by emulsification of lipids by bile and which are composed of monolayers. Man made liposomes can be used as a vehicle for administration of nutrients and pharmaceutical drugs. Also, when multiple actives are combined and/or compound dosage are high a more sophisticated multi lamellar liposome may be needed.

Third, the active compound may have to be previously altered to bind to a circulating molecule in order safely circulate in the bloodstream and reach its destination intact.

And like in every other industries, there are different quality of raw material and methods available.


Superior technology

WarMeds, the Only Company Delivering What You Pay For

So, the technology exists, but are there dietary supplement manufacturers using it? The answer is, morosely for the consumers, virtually none. Why? Simply because those manufacturers are either simply unaware of the problem, clueless of how to fix it, or simply unwilling to hire some of the rare scientists who master these technologies.

WarMeds prides itself to not only perfectly master all of the above technologies and use the most effective actives and carriers, but also to have developed and patented improved common liposome encapsulated methods.


Is WarMeds the only Dietary Supplement vendor to master and integrate all above mentioned delivery technologies and to truly deliver the compounds and effects it promises you?

Again, the answer is Yes.

As the consumer, you have the choice; take WarMeds products, or by the equivalent of 8000 servings of a competing product to get the same effect… The choice is simple!
Be on our team, and we’ll let you use our Weaponry to Kill those Workouts!

Everyone knows the critical importance of nutrition for sports performance. Also, countless studies have demonstrated the potential benefits of proper supplementation.

There are thousands of dietary supplement companies providing the same thing proper nutrition can offer – macronutrients. Unfortunately, there are much fewer companies delivering formulations based on proven medicinal ingredients (compounds with a targ eted physiological effect). 

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