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As you may already know, WARMEDS is the new Gold Standard and has revolutionized the dietary supplement industry.

Unlike most vendors, WARMEDS specializes in formulas providing powerful physiological effects

There are two kinds of dietary supplements. These are the ones that provide nutrients as well as supporting components (i.e. proteins & amino acids, carbohydrates, vitamins & minerals, pre/probiotics, etc.) helping to meet the consumer’s nutritional requirements, as well as medicinal ingredients which have scientifically been proven to provide physiological effects such as:

  • mTOR, PPAR-Ɣ and other anabolic pathways activations
  • Bronchodilation, thyroid and other beta-adrenergic receptors activation effects
  • NOS and cAMP activations, as well as PD4 inhibition & other vasodilation effects
  • LH, testosterone, GHRH, GHRF, growth hormone, insulin and other hormones secretions, as well as SHBG lowering, aromatase inhibition and other hormone boosting mechanisms
  • And more…

While most dietary supplements manufacturer concentrate their activities in the manufacturing and sale of nutrients based supplements, the latter category of supplement, in which specializes WARMEDS, yields much greater health and performance results and thus has a much more promising future.

The sad truth about most dietary supplements on the market

Anyone doing their due diligence will acknowledge that nearly all dietary supplements vendors are still selling supplements which ingredients selection are simply based on hype rather than proven science. It is also important to notice that, although the intestinal tract has multiple transporters which roles are to allow nutrients to enter the bloodstream, the human body does not have such transporter to allow medicinal ingredients to pass through the intestinal wall. Furthermore, most of these actives have a very low solubility in water, and are heavily metabolized by the gut and the caco-2 layer of the intestine. Thus, generally less than 5% and often as low as 0.1% of all actives delivered in traditional orally delivered active ingredients contained in dietary supplements formulations get absorbed and become bioavailable. This problem has made the claims of nearly all dietary supplement manufacturers science fiction rather than real science.

To summarize the current situation, nutritional supplements such as protein do deliver the nutrients listed on the labels, but not much physiological effects, and dietary supplements providing active ingredients that go down the drain rather than to their intended destination.

Patented technologies to increase bioavailability

Research and use of liposome and lipid nanoparticles has become a hot topic in the delivery of drugs. Such technologies have multiple times been proven to increase by multiple folds the absorption of active ingredients otherwise very poorly bioavailable.

WARMEDS is the only company to dramatically increase the absorption of valuable active ingredients using a sublingual liposome delivery system as well as an enteric coated nanobeads encapsulating bursting active-carrier matrix.

WARMEDS has been identified as the NEXT BIG THING

Our products have been identified as "best technology in the industry" by reputable scientists publishing reviews in most popular industry magazines. This superior efficacy will also soon be brought to light by the publication of results from two distinct IRB approved clinical studies (which protocols could be confidentially revealed following the signature of a non-disclosure agreement) headed by PhDs, and performed in reputable and independent private and university laboratories. We also have received the full attention of some major dietary supplement distributors.

We now wish to extend our distribution channels and increase our visibility and are seeking to establish new connections with worldwide distributors, retailers, well connected people as influencers of the industry. We have therefore implemented a system to generous financially compensate all individuals and organizations who can help us achieve our goals. A simple reference could bring you a lot!

Based on this program, we could both benefit from our revolutionary products and your extensive network of contacts. These are examples of activities and associated compensation plans you could choose from:

Register Status Requirements and activities Compensation
  WARMEDS Agent (equivalent to an independent sales representative) Actively promoting the brand and recruiting new distributors and retailers A percentage of all purchases made by the agent’s distributors and retailers accounts
  WARMEDS Marketer Actively promoting the brand and recruiting new Super Affiliates or Partners A percentage of all purchases made by the Marketer’s Super Affiliates and Partners
  WARMEDS Partner Introducing WARMEDS to new accounts and opportunities 25% of all sales gross revenues made within 60 days by the distributor or retailer
Click to Register WARMEDS Affiliate Promoting WARMEDS brand or products off line using affiliate code, or online (on social medias, blogs, etc.) using affiliate link 10% of all consumers’ purchases made using the affiliate code or link
Click to Register WARMEDS Retailer Purchasing and reselling products to consumers via offline or online store A very respectable profit margin on retail price. Possibility to have WARMEDS directly process orders against an 8% retainer to avoid shipping and handling as well as inventory management.
Click to Register WARMEDS Distributor Purchasing and selling to retailers. Requires to have a network of existing or potential customers. Minimum orders commitments as well as necessity to manage shipping, handling as well as inventory. A very respectable profit margin on retail price.

The present section invites you to apply for the role which best suits your desires and capabilities.

Everyone knows the critical importance of nutrition for sports performance. Also, countless studies have demonstrated the potential benefits of proper supplementation.

There are thousands of dietary supplement companies providing the same thing proper nutrition can offer – macronutrients. Unfortunately, there are much fewer companies delivering formulations based on proven medicinal ingredients (compounds with a targ eted physiological effect). 

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