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Dear Soldier

You are now entering WARMEDS’ military zone. In this section, you will witness training tactics, combat photos, battle videos, as well as other classified information.

We hope these secrets will teach you valuable engagement guidelines and help you stay focused on your health and fitness mission.

Achieve your goals


Fundamental Questions

Do you know who you are? What you like? What inspires you? What are your values?

What is Your Purpose in Life? Do you have any goals? Do you Define Yourself and Your life, or do you let life define who you are, and what you are going to do?

What makes you dream at night, and what motivates you to get up in the morning?

You have only one life to live, and how you think as well as what you do of your limited time will determine what you make out of the hand that was dealt to you.

You can decide to not do anything, stall when you have achieved the bare necessity, or even worst break what you already have for no reason. Or you can aspire to more and strive everyday to better yourself.

Keep moving forward

As you know, I am a bodybuilder, and I am very fortunate to be born with one of the best genetics on the planet. I could have never trained and probably still would weigh way over 200 pounds of lean mass, and bench 300 pounds. But I didn’t do that. I picked up weights heavier than I could lift, and forced my body to grow. When, at 250 lbs of muscles, I became the biggest guy around, I could have stopped and contented myself with this. But I didn’t do that. Although I am the most gifted bodybuilder and don’t need to train to be built, I still am the one at the gym every day. And even if I am over 300 lbs and don’t need to impress women because I’m very happily married, I still punish my body every evening in order to become the best I can be.

You may think that I can do that because I don’t work much. Well, think twice. Again, although I have pretty much everything a man could dream of, including a beautiful house, a Porsche, a Ferrari and two award winning Vintage trucks, and wouldn’t have to work since I have employees, I still wake up and work 10 hours per day, 6 days per week to help my people and grow my business.

And even if I have been married for many years, I make time for my wonderful wife and kids.

There is no free ride in this world, not even for me!

Many will justify their inaction by saying that life has been hard on them. Trust me, like everyone, life puts obstacles in front of me, and even if I am 50 years of age, I still fight back like if I was 20. So, obstacles are no excuse to give up.

Others will say that they don’t know how to do better. Well, first of all, we live in a world and time where roadmaps, resources and other information are everywhere, and often free.

So, sorry if it hurts, but for your own good, I won’t sugar coat it. What you have achieved so far and will achieve in the future, is in great part the result of what you have done and will do.

My suggestions

To simplify this, let me ask you a few simple questions:

  1. Do you have clear goals and a precise action plan? If not, well you now know what to do.
  2. Where is your mind? Your mind should always be focusing on finding the actions needed to attain your goals, or focusing on the execution of such actions
  3. How much time per week do you dedicate to better yourself and attain your goals? If you remove 7 hours of sleep, you’re left with 119 hours per week you can either work, read or do any other
  4. And last, but not the least, how hard are you really thinking and trying?

Are you on the right track?

If you are viewing this, it’s probably because you are spending time on social medias. My question to you is WHY? Is it because you explore Internet to find valuable information and inspire you to do better? Or simply because you feel the need to entertain yourself? If it is the second, then you can ask yourself: Did you already do all your homework for the day? Are you in such advance on your plan that it’s preferable to relax than to keep the pedal on the gas?

I’m not judging you here. I am simply exposing the mindset of achievers. Achievers are ambitious, motivated and disciplined people. Discipline is ability to do what you should be doing instead of what you would like to do.

Party hard, but work harder!

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t enjoy life. First, achievers don’t pitie themselves. They control their mind and learn to like tasks they have on their plate. Second, they make sure to keep time to celebrate their accomplishments and recharge their batteries, after the job is done. Simply put, to win, you should first do the things you have to do, and then, do the things you would like to do, as long as those things don’t break everything you have done, because you’re never fully done, and always have to make sure you start ahead the next time.

In conclusion, as Stalone says it in the Rocky movie, keep moving forward, and as Arnolds Schwarzenegger says it well, STAY HUNGRY!

Everyone knows the critical importance of nutrition for sports performance. Also, countless studies have demonstrated the potential benefits of proper supplementation.

There are thousands of dietary supplement companies providing the same thing proper nutrition can offer – macronutrients. Unfortunately, there are much fewer companies delivering formulations based on proven medicinal ingredients (compounds with a targ eted physiological effect). 

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