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Dear Soldier

You are now entering WARMEDS’ military zone. In this section, you will witness training tactics, combat photos, battle videos, as well as other classified information.

We hope these secrets will teach you valuable engagement guidelines and help you stay focused on your health and fitness mission.

Achieve your goals

Michael Tello “Caramilk Man” BLOG

Michael Tello “Caramilk Man” BLOG
I have always enjoyed challenges. From a young age, I found in sports the opportunity to discover my inner strength. Originally living in Peru, my first passion was football (otherwise called soccer), where I progressively climbed to the status of semi professional. At 17, my family moved to North America in hope of finding career or business opportunities which would allow us to improve our financial security and lifestyle. There, I continued practicing soccer, but quickly realized that the local infrastructure would not allow me to optimize my aptitudes nor to earn a living from it. I theref...
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Sebastien Roy “Ironman”

Sebastien Roy “Ironman”
Sebastien could also be called Mr. Perfect! He’s a model emloyee, a ideal husband and father, and his training discipline is superior to the one of a robot. No wonder why this former martial arts state champion was able to elevate himself to one of the Top 5% Ironman athletes of the planet only a few years after a 20 years retirement.
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Sebastien Roy “Ironman” BLOG

Sebastien Roy “Ironman” BLOG
I have always enjoyed challenges. From a young age, I found in sports the opportunity to discover my inner strength. During the first third of my life, I developed a discipline second to none through the practice of martial arts. I then learned to ignore the feelings of exhaustion and pain while digging further in the focus zone. This allowed me to obtain the rank of First kyū in Judo and Black Belt in Olympic Taekwondo as well as gaining earning multiple times the State Champion Title. Being afflicted with a serious foot injury at the age of 18, the second third of my life was dedicated to bu...
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Veronique Allard “Energizer”

Veronique Allard “Energizer”
Doesn’t everyone need self esteem, appreciation from others and a life purpose? From a very young age, I noticed that all of those were gained from bettering ourselves as well as sharing our yields. I am passionate about all aspects of feminine aesthetics, whether it be physical silhouette, hairstyle, makeup or clothing, and I constantly try to educate myself on those topics as well as apply and share my learnings with other women who are also interest about those topics. What I am most proud of is the impact my teaching has on the look and especially the self confidence and happiness of indiv...
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Everyone knows the critical importance of nutrition for sports performance. Also, countless studies have demonstrated the potential benefits of proper supplementation.

There are thousands of dietary supplement companies providing the same thing proper nutrition can offer – macronutrients. Unfortunately, there are much fewer companies delivering formulations based on proven medicinal ingredients (compounds with a targ eted physiological effect). 

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